Going green

Here at APHS we have a small but dedicated team of staff and students who are actively concerned with protecting and maintaining the school and local environment.

In order to achieve our goals we have identified five main areas of concern:

1) Air: cleaner air and less carbon emissions through the use of solar energy.

2) Land: the establishment of a bush garden, and citrus orchard promotes the growth of local native plants.

3) Water: improve its quality, the quantity used, storage methods and surface run off.

4) Energy: to use less and be more efficient and encourage the use of cleaner sources.

5) Waste: to reduce, avoid, recycle or re-use.

The APHS school community believes education is the key to a cleaner environment. Students are frequently informed about the importance of protecting the environment and how their actions, however small, can make a difference.

The Environmental Group


Clean up Australia Day

Tree Planting1



School environmental management plans work across the key learning areas of the curriculum and the whole school community.

We start with local sustainability and over time develop student understanding of how their work contributes globally.

Students and staff manage, observe and monitor our school's resources, waste and physical surroundings, then take on activities to protect and improve our school and the local environment.

Your child will develop an understanding about:

  • the relationship between human activities and natural systems
  • sustainable management of the earth's resources
  • the inter-related nature of processes in the natural environment

We encourage you to support your child's 'going green' activities, and to help them to learn to care for the environment as part of their everyday lives.

The Albion Park High School Take 3 Program

The class of 7A at Albion Park High School are doing a task on Take 3 trying to stop the rubbish in our school and are hoping to build onto cleaning up the town. Our class has been looking at eco-friendly radios, lights and even the most eco-friendly surfboard in Wollongong. We are in the process of setting up our own website for the school at www.aphstake3.com. We will being showing photos of the school with people cleaning up the rubbish and putting up posts on what our school has been doing to keep the playground clean.

By Jack.Mangoulias


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