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Lenovo advice re: BYOD

Lenovo has passed the following link to our school re BYOD devices. We are not making this a recommendation but it does give some more guidance for families that may want this. Read more



The future is in good hands! Albion Park High School in the Illawarra have been following the Journey to Recognition since May!... Read more

National Cheerleading Titles

Huge congratulations must go to a large contingent of girls from our school who represented their Albion Park clubs at the National Cheerleading Titles in Melbourne last week. In order to qualify for these titles, the girls already tasted success at the State titles earlier in the year and worked extremely hard to fine-tune their routines and moves in recent weeks. All in all, the Albion Park club achieved tremendous success, with four of our girls – Sophie Rayment, Sam Hayes, Kelsey Bugg and Brookelyn Davies, placing first in one of their... Read more



The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute School Science Award has been developed to encourage an interest in science among secondary school students and promote science as a rewarding career choice.... Read more

Books to ignite summer reading

The school holiday period doesn't have to be a time when children's reading and comprehension skills take a break. If you're wracking your brains for gift-giving ideas and summer activities, why not encourage your child to dive into book one of a series? Literacy experts advise that even reluctant readers and children who struggle with reading tend to be more likely to get bitten by the reading bug when they discover a book they enjoy is part of a series. By the end of the first book, the reader is familiar with the style, the setting and many... Read more


Michela Molina – Italian Exchange Student

Albion Park High School is very saddened by the departure of our Italian exchange student Michela Molina. For six months she has attended each day with a smile and an eagerness to learn about Australia and our way of life. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to broaden her knowledge and improve her English speaking skills, Michela volunteered to assist in many school and community events. I had the pleasure of hearing her sing at the St Vincent De Paul's fundraising event last Thursday night. For anyone to sing to a crowd is nerve racking,... Read more


Work Experience Report

During weeks 7 & 8, we have had the privilege of participating in work experience at Tullimbar Public School. As past students of Tullimbar it was a great opportunity to see how much the school has grown and developed. During our time at Tullimbar, we have experienced what it is like to be working in a classroom environment and have realised just how much time and effort the teachers put into organising open learning lessons in Literacy and hands-on activities in Maths. We were all fortunate to be in infants classes (K-2) and assisted in the... Read more

Uniform Shop Special Opening Hours

Uniform Shop Special Opening Hours are: 21st January to the 24th January from 9.00am - 2.00pm and 28th and 29th January 8.00am till 3.00pm... Read more

APHS SHowcase

Showcase in the Illawarra Mercury

APHS Showcase in the Illawarra Mercury on Tuesday 3rd December 2013. Well done to those Year 8 students who compiled it... Page 1 (pdf 978 KB) Page 2 (pdf 1165 KB)... Read more


The BYOD journey for APHS has begun

The BYOD journey for APHS has begun. The documents which have been emailed home or given to students can be found here along with the references mentioned. Please continue to contact the school with any questions you may have and remember for those families that already have a device they feel may be appropriate, there is a testing day in our school library on Tuesday December 10th between 8:30am and 5:30pm. Please let the school know if you plan to bring a device to school so that we can ensure we have enough technical assistance available. ... Read more

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STOP WORK MEETING Tuesday 3 December 2013 8.25am – 11.30

Click here to access the following as a pdf (pdf 143 KB) On Tuesday, 3 December , the NSW Teachers Federation has called a stop work meeting for 2 hours to support the teachers wage claim. Members of the NSW Teachers Federation will be attending a stop work meeting between 8.25am and 11.00am on the morning of Tuesday 3 December 2013. The staff at Albion Park High has decided to support the action. This will mean that, at this stage, the school will only be able to offer minimum supervision for that day and, as a consequence, the school... Read more


CHANGE OF DATES YEAR 6 ORIENTATION Please check the updated information Tuesday 3 December 2013 12 noon to 2:30pm Tullimbar Primary Albion Park Primary Out of Area Students Thursday 5 December 2013 9am to 11:30am Mt Terry Public School... Read more

VET students

Excellence in VET Awards

Once again, Albion Park High has been a big player at the Illawarra Schools Excellence in Vocational Education and Training Awards. These awards acknowledge the outstanding achievements of students in the Illawarra region, who have completed VET subjects as part of their HSC. The following Albion Park High students were nominated by their teachers and awarded Certificates of Merit for their efforts and achievements, over their two year courses: Business Services: Jacqueline Jervis Hospitality: Amanda Blazevska, Tayla Lawrence and Amy Lee ... Read more

The new curriculum and your child

How do teachers decide what your child will study each term at school? How do composite or combined classes work? Why do students at different schools seem to be studying entirely different things, despite being in the same year? And what will happen next year, when the new Australian curriculum starts in NSW for both primary and secondary schools? Understanding how the curriculum relates to the real world of the classroom and to your child's daily lessons can help you better support them with their homework and study. It will also help you... Read more

group photo

Students from the Support Unit enjoying their day out!

What a great day the Support Unit had on Tuesday 15 October. Teachers, teacher aides and students travelled to Kiama by train for a team building day. The weather was perfect, the sea a beautiful crystal blue. We all visited the major attractions at Kiama, the Blowhole and the Lighthouse. I stayed at the top lookout, however Mr Bridges and Mr Sanchez walked closer to the Blowhole with students to view more action. Everyone was impressed. Of course, we had to take photos in front of the Lighthouse. After a relaxing morning tea near the... Read more

Time to party - safely

Parties are part of a teenager's social life and a way for your teen to develop social skills. While most parties go off without a hitch, celebrations can go wrong and get out of hand – particularly if the party is unplanned. If you are hosting a party there are some simple ways to ensure your teenager and their friends have fun but remain safe. Communication and careful planning are the keys to hosting a successful party. While the internet and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are great tools which can be used to spread the... Read more

find us on facebook

APHS Facebook Page

Find Albion Park High School on Facebook .... To keep up to date with what is going on, visit our facebook page and like us... For a direct link, click here...... Read more

Year 10 Formal Exams

Year 10 Formal Exams will take place on Tuesday 12th November (English and Science) and Wednesday 13th November (Mathematics and History/Geography). Other Yearly exams will take place during regular lesson time. Year 10 students have been given this information. Please contact Mrs Cole if you have any queries.... Read more

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Wrap with Love

During the year, students, members of staff and friends have knitted, sewed and crocheted blankets for the ‘Wrap with Love' organisation'. These 7 (so far) blankets have been sent to the organisation where they will be distributed free-of-charge to the needy. Welfare Groups apply to Wrap with Love for specific numbers of ‘Wraps' for their needs. These wraps may end up locally or overseas, on the bed of a nursing home resident or around a homeless person or a troubled teenager. Wherever they are sent, the recipients know that they are loved by... Read more

A better way of funding our schools

The NSW Government is introducing a new funding model for all NSW public schools that is simpler, fairer and more transparent. The funding model is a key part of a broader education reform called Local Schools, Local Decisions, which places students at the centre of school decision-making. It gives principals and their school communities a greater say over how they allocate and use their available resources to best meet the needs of their students. When fully implemented, schools will manage more than 70% of the state public school education... Read more

New uniform shop at Albion Park High School

OPENING OF THE NEW ALBION PARK HIGH SCHOOL UNIFORM SHOP 16 – 17 – 18 OCTOBER, 2013 The new Albion Park High School uniform shop will open next week fully stocked Phase 1 We will have 3days (16, 17, 18 October) when the shop will be opened from 8am to11am then 1 to 3pm to cater to the students who have been waiting to purchase uniform items throughout Term 3. Phase 2 The uniform shop will be permanently opened: TUESDAYS 1pm to 3pm FRIDAYS 8am to 11am & 1pm to 3pm Please come to the front office to sign in and you will be... Read more

Is your child gifted?

The notion of giftedness in children has become part of many parents' conversations. Yet ask anyone what 'gifted' means and the concept remains mysterious, sometimes stigmatised, and often perplexing for parents who think their child may be extremely bright. About 10 per cent of the population is gifted. That is, they are significantly advanced beyond their peers in at least one of four areas – intellectual, creative, social or physical. Those who add skill to their gift are recognised as gifted and talented. Children who are gifted have... Read more

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What is an EpiPen® and an Anapen®? EpiPen® and Anapens® are the emergency treatment for children who are having an anaphylactic reaction. What is anaphylaxis? Anaphylaxis is a severe and sometimes sudden allergic reaction. If your child has been diagnosed by a doctor as being at risk of anaphylaxis there are some important things to remember that will help the school to support your child's health care needs. Why you need to keep us informed if your child is diagnosed as being at risk of anaphylaxis or if his or her... Read more

Learning in the outdoor classroom

It's Outdoor Education Week – the perfect time to reflect on how outdoor education plays a major role in students' learning, problem-solving abilities and wellbeing. Learning in the outdoors brings together the benefits of formal and informal education and provides meaningful education for 21st century kids. By acquiring knowledge and skills through practical or hands-on activities students learn about consequences, develop resilience, and learn to take risks in a safe environment. Participating in an outdoor challenge or experience can make a... Read more


Year 9 PASS camp!

On Wednesday the 31 July to Friday the 2 August our two Year 9 PASS classes went on a camp to Berry Sport and Recreation Centre. Over the three days we were at the camp we did a variety of activities which included the giant swing, cable glide, orienteering, rock climbing and canoeing. On the first day we went canoeing. We got to learn a lot about the history of the Broughton River and how it used to be before people started building on or near the river. On the second day we went on the giant swing and I'm pretty sure that the majority of... Read more


Work Inspiration – The Big Conversation

strategies on how to get the job they want and what it would be like working in this context. Students from APHS worked in conjunction with Stockland Shellharbour for the initial part of the Work Inspiration program. This involved talking and working with local businesses at the shopping centre. Following this nine year 10 Albion Park High students were invited to attend a conference at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) in Redfern, Sydney. This took place on the 7 and 8 August and was called 'The Big Conversation'. At NCIE... Read more

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Illawarra and South East Regional Awards

On Friday 2nd August I had the enormous privilege of accompanying Sophie Welton of Year 10 to receive an award at the Illawarra and South East Regional Awards. Our Region stretches from The Illawarra down to Eden and across to Queanbeyan. A comprehensive nomination was submitted and Sophie was one of only three winners in her category. Sophie received an Award for Excellence which was public recognition of her incredibly high level of dedication and commitment to her education. Sophie represents the pinnacle of motivation, respect,... Read more

Spelling Bee app

A new app designed for Android phones and tablets helps students of all ages practise and improve their spelling. The Premier's Spelling Bee 2013 app features almost 3,000 words and corresponding sentences from the spelling competition of the same name. It also and uses Australian spelling and voices. The app features two categories - junior and senior - with a number of levels that increase in difficulty. Most adults would find the high levels in the senior category a challenge. The app is a companion to the free School A to Z app and... Read more



Albion Park High School and Daylight Sportswear are looking for a bright, happy and friendly person to fill the position of Uniform Shop Coordinator. Hours will be approximately 8 hrs per week, with extra hours during busy periods. Successful applicants will need to have a friendly personality, good written and oral communication skills, excellent organisation skills and general computer knowledge. Previous retail, cash handling experience, customer service background and/or a previous position in school or community organisation will be... Read more

support students

Support Unit Team Building Day

The Albion Park High School Support Unit believe that teamwork skills are important as they help you face a number of life's challenges, break down barriers, strengthen your relationships with your family and friends and create respect for different types of personalities, cultures and work styles. Teamwork develops your inter-personal skills and allows you to contribute to the best of your ability. It encourages success in a positive and enthusiastic way and encourages you to maintain a sense of humour and to enjoy what you do. It develops... Read more

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Our website goes mobile

It is now easier to view our website on your mobile phone or tablet. We have created a mobile version of the site with a range of features finetuned for when you are on the move. You can now more easily: dial or email us from your phone locate us via Google maps check our school calendar view our latest newsletter. You can also create a shortcut to our website on your phone home page Try the mobile version of our website now. Just visit from a smart phone or tablet device and follow the prompts.... Read more

Developing organisational skills

Learning how to make time for homework, chores and other activities is a vital skill for all children but it's not one that always comes easily. This weekly schedule template (docx 15 KB) is a simple aid that can help kids better plan their time. Print one for your child's desk, one for the fridge and one for their school bag to help keep them on track. To personalise the template, simply click on the cell you wish to change and type. If you need to add or delete cells and don't know how, read these simple instructions . Using colour-coding... Read more

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Preparing for the HSC

You don't need to be a subject expert to help your child prepare for the HSC. There are some really practical ways in which you can assist . In this School A to Z video teachers talk about how parents can help their teen manage the study load and stress when they're preparing for the HSC. Get more practical parent tips on the School A-Z website.... Read more

Reconciliation Art Work

Reconciliation Art Work

As a part of Albion Park High's acknowledgment of Reconciliation Week, two boys, Daniel Gonzalo and Benjamin Rice spoke at assembly about the Sea of Hands project, which was completed by Year 7 and 8 art students. The Sea of Hands is a national symbol of a community or groups support for reconciliation, rights and respect and hands have been planted around the country as a part of Reconciliation Week. The Sea of Hands was put on the school's front lawn last week and it now on display in the Library.... Read more


Stockland Shellharbour Work Inspiration Program – Year 10 visit

On Wednesday 29 May, 19 students from Albion Park High School went on a Work Inspiration Day to Stockland Shellharbour. Whilst we were there we learnt about how the company works. We went behind the scenes to see a company from three manager¿s perspectives. We spent the day with the Marketing Manager – Catherine, the Operations Manager – Tim, and the Centre Manager – Brett. The managers were friendly and effectively explained their roles and responsibilities and what they were required to do to keep the company operating. We also learnt that... Read more


School Work Experience at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo's Work Experience program is for school students who are interested in pursuing a career in zoo keeping, animal care or zoo horticulture. The program is suitable for school students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Madison McGuire in Year 11 was the fortunate recipient of this great opportunity. These are a few of Madison¿s comments following her week-long experience at Taronga Zoo Reptile Department. "I had an amazing adventure and met some wonderful people." "Throughout the week I had to feed numerous animals such as the chameleon,... Read more

support excursion

Support Unit Excursion to “Razzamatazz”

On 8 May, 2013 our Year 7 and 8 students from the Support Unit were lucky enough to be invited to attend a live performance titled "Razzamatazz" being held at Woonona Bulli RSL. The Rotary Club of Fairy Meadow coordinates this performance and businesses from all of the Illawarra donate money to pay for the tickets for students to attend. We all piled into a mini bus and after a delightful morning tea in the sun gazing over Bulli Beach we headed over to the venue. The show was action packed with some beautiful dancers, an amazing magician and... Read more


Squash Champs

Congratulations to Tye Wilton and Georgia Moore for being selected in the South Coast Squash Team. They both made the team last year, but this year Tye is also the top ranked player in the team. The NSW Tournament is an open event, and Tye and Georgia will be playing against people in the same category as them. The tournament will be held in the last week of Term 3 in Cardiff. Good luck to Tye and Georgia in their preparations for the event!... Read more

Getting ready for school camp

School camp is one of the highlights of childhood. Chances are you can still remember some of the campfire songs, the smell of damper cooking and the names of the kids you bunked with. However, it's also true that for some children (and their parents) the thought of staying away overnight can create a little anxiety. It's not uncommon for kids to worry about who they'll room with, ‘being left out' of things, whether something might go wrong, feeling homesick and other understandable concerns. Even the most outgoing and confident child may have... Read more

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Cyberbullying – what the experts say

Research into cyberbullying is still in its infancy but the one thing we do know is the online environment is really just a new setting for age-old issues. Cyberbullying is an extension of face-to-face bullying. It's all about relationships. When are kids most vulnerable to bullying? Bullying – online or offline – peaks for kids (and this is worldwide) at about Year 5, and again at about Year 7 or 8. The first peak coincides with children discovering the power of the peer group, and creating their own social pecking order. The second peak... Read more

Country Cup

Under 13's South Coast Country Cup Champs

Congratulations to the Under 13s Boys Rugby League team who are now the Champions of the South Coast Country Cup! The boys played on the first day of term after already winning the Southern Illawarra Zone competition. At the South Coast Competition, they beat Holy Spirit High, Picton High (one of Albion Park High's main competitors) and Woonona High in the grand final. In fact, we beat Woonona by over 30 points, which means the boys scored a point a minute (as the games were shortened for the purpose of the competition). While every player... Read more


Support Unit’s Team Building Activities Day

On Wednesday 10 April The Support Unit packed away their books and headed outdoors to participate in a team building activities day. We began our day being challenged in a game requiring each group to work together and problem solve to move the members of the group from one mat to another without touching the ground. We then played a rope game were we had to work together to untangle knots while being attached to the rope. Everybody worked incredibly well together and it was amazing to hear the students supporting and encouraging each other to... Read more


Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day

Albion Park High will be celebrating Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day on Friday 24 May. The official date for Sorry Day is Sunday 26 and a number of Albion Park High's Indigenous students will be attending a Reconciliation Walk on Monday 27 May. Furthermore, Year 7 students have been creating poster designs in recognition of Reconciliation Week, with one design being chosen as the winner and being used for the promotion of the ceremony. The students have learnt in class about the meaning and effect of the acknowledgment of reconciliation... Read more

Albion Park High involved in Southern Stars 2013

Again students will dance up a storm at Southern Stars 2013 under the support of Ms Horton. 40 students will participate in the show called "EXTRA"....check out the new regional creative and performing arts website! Read more


Sports Committee News

Sports Committee News Congratulations to Alysia Gardner Year 10 for her wonderful efforts at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show on her horse Cooley. Alysia came 4 th in the led stock horse gelding class over 15h and 3 rd in the saddle horse judging. Well done, Alysia in a very competitive field.... Read more


CAPA - Year 10 Visual Arts

CAPA - Year 10 Visual Arts Year 10 Visual Arts have just completed a unit of work called, "Wearable Art" which culminated in an exhibition at the Blackbutt Youth Centre which is on show until the end of April. To orient the students' creative powers their teacher began this project with a one class lesson called "Make a wearable in an hour". Students, in groups, were given a roll of toilet paper, newspaper and masking tape. They spent 5 minutes planning in their group and then set to work creating the most creative wearable art piece possible... Read more


Wests Illawarra Student Achievement Awards

Wests Illawarra Student Achievement Awards Last week I attended with great pride, the Wests Illawarra Student Achievement Award ceremony. Five of our students were nominated for separate awards and represented themselves, their families and Albion Park High, with pride. It was a really beautiful and quite an emotional night with extraordinary young people from across the Illawarra achieving extraordinary things in five categories: Academic achievement, Sports achievement, Citizenship, Achievement in the Arts and Digital Media and Special... Read more

Barnardos image 1

Barnardos Foster Care Campaign

Barnardos South Coast is a non-profit organisation providing a range of services to support children and families where there is a risk of abuse or neglect occurring or where parenting difficulties and stress may result in family breakdown. Barnardos South Coast centre has a number of programs working to keep families together whilst minimising abusive factors in the home. One of the programs, the Temporary Family Care Program, provides short term crisis and respite care for children needing to be out of home for a short time. It is... Read more

Privacy online

Protecting the privacy of personal information is increasingly important at a time when we are sharing more details about ourselves online than ever before. While interacting online can be great for kids, it also makes them more vulnerable. To help reduce the risk of cyberbullying, unwanted attention or breaches of their privacy, you can: encourage them to keep their usernames and passwords safe and not share them with anyone take them through the privacy settings of sites they join to ensure they are careful about what information they share... Read more

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Stay on top of homework

Kids and families tend to run more smoothly when there is a clear plan. So the online parent resource School A to Z has created printable homework and study calendars for each month of the year. The School A to Z website and mobile app can also help with common assignment and homework questions. In the Homework and study section you'll find links to useful websites, maths and English glossaries, and help sheets to make homework time easier in your house. Print your homework and study calendar pages for the rest of 2013. If you have ideas for... Read more

Exam stress busters

Help create the right study conditions for your child in the lead-up to exams and know the warning signs if it's all getting too much. Kids who manage best in exams: maintain positive relationships with family and friends continue to allow some time for exercise and leisure get plenty of sleep eat sensibly have planned time for study are organised learn and practise simple techniques for relaxation. Read more on the School A to Z website.... Read more

Relay for Life 2013

Relay for Life

Congratulations also to Ms Suzi Roth and the 43 students and staff who entered a team in the Shellharbour Relay for Life which was held on 9 and 10 March. These students represented the school with great community spirit and pride. Their hard work helped raise over $3,000 for cancer research. Thank you and well done to all who were involved including those who represented other teams and supported the cause; we are very proud of you all.... Read more

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Dragon Boat Races at the Chinese New Year Festival

After over 10 weeks of training with Illawarra Dragon Boat Club our keen Dragon Boaters were ready for their big day. Rain did not keep these spectacular 12-metre long boats, flamboyantly decorated to feature the head and tail of the dragon out of the water. The 20 strong team and drummer travelled up to Darling Harbour on the 23 February to compete against other schools in the annual Chinese New Year celebrations. Despite the fact that every time our team got in the boat it started to rain, all the students displayed amazing enthusiasm.... Read more

Rugby League

Rugby League: Albion Park High School vs Picton High Gala Day

The Annual Park vs Picton Rugby League Gala Day was held at Albion Park High School on Friday 8 March. Over 200 students were involved in the game, whether it was by playing on the field or in the organisation and running of the day. Both Albion Park High School and Picton High use this game as a trial game for their school's representative teams. The boys played in the 13 years, 14 years, 15 years or Opens team. It was a highly successful day overall with everyone putting in diligent effort and enjoying themselves. Albion Park High... Read more

School zone safety

A reminder to parents about the operation of school speed zones around the Easter holidays. School zones exist for the safety of children and families; they will operate on Thursday 28 March, then resume on Tuesday 2 April. Forty-kilometres-an-hour school speed zones operate across New South Wales at all school sites on gazetted school days, which are all days the school is open, even pupil-free days. Find out more... Read more

World Book Online comes to Albion Park High School

• Encyclopedia and other reference articles • More than 20,000 photos, illustrations, and maps • Hundreds of videos • Dictionary • Atlas • Timeline and citation builders • Learning activities, quizzes, and printable worksheets • Biography center • How to Do Research homework help • Current news • Editor-approved websites • Magazine articles Follow this link to access, using the code your child brought home from school.... Read more

Writing essays

Writing essays is a skill many of us have forgotten. But don't worry – here are a few tips to help you and your child, even if you're not familiar with the essay topic. Key points: Determine 'what is the question asking?' Essays follow a specific formula Introduction – state your response to the question and mention the points to be made in the body of the essay. Body – expand on the points introduced in the introduction. Don't introduce new thoughts at this stage. Conclusion – summarise the points discussed in the body. One idea per... Read more

Shellharbour City Council

Shellharbour City Council's new Shellharbour Connect Website

Shellharbour City Council has launched a new website which provides a central location for all community group information in Shellharbour. Community groups can add their details on an online community directory and can post information about upcoming projects, events, training and funding opportunity occuring across the Shellharbour Local Government Area. Read more

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VET students

VET Classes

VET students in Years 11 and 12 have started the school year well with VET teachers providing positive feedback with regards to students settling into the new school year. Year 11 have been inducted into their courses and have started WH&S modules whilst Year 12 have been preparing for their work placement which will be held week 6 of this term. Year 12 Construction students have finished their garden seating and benches project as part of their assessment. Three of the garden benches with tables have been placed in the Senior area for student... Read more

Great start videos

A panel of experts answers the most common questions parents have about how they can best support their kids' school life, study, wellbeing and development. In five brief segments, the experts share their tips on how parents can: help their kids reach their full potential at school and motivate them for learning support their child's social development and handle schoolyard conflict support kids through the teenage years. keep up with the technology their kids are using and how to keep them safe online. Watch the Great start videos... Read more