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Last updated 11:21 AM on 11 November 2014

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32 students currently studying the Year 9 PASS elective ventured down to the Berry Sport and Recreation facility in Week 5.

Any doubts about the comfort of our beds was soon put to rest when we were told to gather our 3-person tents and set up down by Broughton Creek. Women alongside the compost dunnies and men by the campfire with two port-a-loos. It doesn't get better than this!

Before long we were thrown into our activities and over the 3-day period, we rotated through rogaining, the giant swing, orienteering and canoeing. In between, there was plenty of time to shoot some hoops, ping some pongs or jump on the tennis court and have a bash. NB. Keeping in mind that we still gathered around on Tuesday arvo to stop and listen with the rest of the nation to the Melbourne Cup.
Night time activities included damper-making, campfire games, song, riddles and a very useful version of Spotlight where cross-dressing proved to be the winner!

Did I mention the food, which was healthy and plentiful, apart from the gorges of lollies that were brought by many. Probably the reason we still had the energy for some NFL in our down-time. Can't say much sleep was had, particularly on the first night and the squadron of parrots that woke us on the last morning, made a ridiculous amount of noise as punishment. But most of us had a great time…so great, in fact, that we decided to miss our train back to Albion Park in favour of going to the famed Berry Lolly
Shop! Oops!

We now look forward to our next trip away together as a group, which should be the snowfields in August 2015. Start saving people, as it will be another great adventure to be had.

Mr Todd, Ms Wright and Mr Forbes