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Last updated 11:22 AM on 11 November 2014



On Wednesday 29 October our awesome Year 7/8 debating team travelled to Bomaderry High School to compete in the Premier's Debating Competition finals. There, they competed, along with seven other teams from as far away as Jindabyne, for the Zone Championship.
Their first debate was a quarter final and they debated against Corrimal High School. The chosen topic was "That we should accept more migrants".

Our girls were the negative and had one hour to prepare their case with nothing but a dictionary, pens, paper and their own brainpower. The team, represented by Chloe Flynn and Chloe Clifford (Year7) and Sophie Elbourn and Julie Vorsa (Year 8) used their preparation time wisely and created a cohesive case which they presented with determination and flair. The adjudicator complimented them on their ability to rebut as well as their impressive general knowledge. Needless to say they won!

After a short break for lunch the girls then faced Smith's Hill High School. The topic agreed upon was "That the use of performance enhancing drugs by sports people should result in a life ban". The girls were again the negative and took the moral stance that everyone deserves a second chance. It was a difficult argument to hold but the team did very well.

Again they presented a solid team line and all three speakers spoke with resolve and purpose despite such a formidable opposition. For the first time the team faced not one adjudicator but a panel of three highly qualified and experienced adjudicators. Unfortunately, Albion Park High School lost the semi-final but it was a very close debate with the decision taking almost twenty minutes!

The girls were complimented on the raising of the standard presented, their ability to attack the case of the other team and their obvious willingness to take on board the advice of the adjudicator from the previous debate. One of the adjudicators told them they had a reputation as "an up and coming team to be watched".

With over three hundred teams in the competition, the girls ranked in the top twenty in NSW. An amazing achievement! They were encouraged by all three adjudicators to continue with debating so watch this space for next year's competition.

Mrs Shaw