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Last updated 3:22 PM on 18 September 2017

As we conclude the term, the class of Year 12 2017 is also coming to an end. Next week we farewell our largest cohort of students, with 120 young men and women about to launch into the next phase of their lives.

Year 12 2017


On behalf of the staff at Albion Park High we wish them well for their HSC and for whatever future they map for themselves. We have armed them with the skills to go forward and participate in higher education or enter the work force. The rest is up to them.

I would like to publically thank Year 12 Adviser Mr Michael Todd who has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep his young charges safe, healthy and on track, he has given the past six years of his personal support to them, and done a magnificent job. Thanks Toddy.

As Year 12 begins their last week at school, it goes without saying that the entire school community wish them the very best for their upcoming HSC exams and for their years beyond school.
Give it your best shot, class of 2017! 

This week, the following events have been organised:

Last day in class
Kahoot Challenge vs Teachers 
Mystery bus tour excursion
Blood donations
Dress up Assembly
BBQ Breakfast
Thank you luncheon with staff
Compulsory Graduation rehearsal
Only students required on this day will be those who have a speaking role at the Graduation Ceremony
Students to arrive at school at 5pm in full uniform and black shoes
Commence study for the HSC

Thanks for all of your support parents and carers.