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Last updated 3:48 PM on 13 March 2017

Year 12 Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser Twenty-two of our current Year 12 students volunteered their time for their year group on Saturday the 18th February to raise money for the "Year 12 Events" of 2017. 
Many skills were learnt on this particular day - customer service skills, the handling of money and how to cook the perfect sausage.  For most of us, the new-found knowledge that many individuals in our society come to Bunnings just for the sausage sizzle was a revelation. 


A huge thank you to these twenty two volunteers, in particular to Rhys Bard and Lilly Christie who were there for most of the day.  It was a great day and quite a lot of fun with over $1,000 raised.  A fantastic effort.  Fortunately for the rest of Albion Park High School, the extra sausages that weren't cooked will be sold at school on Friday 3 March during lunchtime.  

Thanks to staff who bought a "sanga" on the day and the dozen or so 'other' Year 12's who came and supported us in some way.