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Last updated 2:30 PM on 6 December 2017

Mrs Cable's Year 10 English class has been working with the South Coast Writers' Centre to extend and enrich students' writing skills.  Working with Helena, Ron and Adara, students have composed a variety of unique writing pieces which have been published into a book.  The official book launch was held on Friday, December 1st, in the APHS Library.  Hosted by Leighton Murphy and Stephanie-Chase Horton, the launch included readings by several of the students and expressions of thanks to Helena, Ron and Adara from the Writers' Centre, as well as Mrs Cable, Ms Kennedy and Ms Clapham.  It was a very enjoyable  and rewarding experience.

More photos available in the Gallery.



  Ron, Helena and Adara with Leighton and Stephanie!0 English1 with Mrs Cable