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Last updated 12:00 PM on 12 May 2015

It was with great pride that I attended the fundraising event for White Ribbon in viewing the film 'Pitch Perfect Two' last week. To see our students involved in such a worthwhile cause and see our staff turn out in droves to support White Ribbon was humbling. We established last year that one of our key school directions for the next three years is to concentrate on improving student excellence and sense of global citizenship, and one of the fundamental parts of this is to improve student leadership and communication. What a wonderful opportunity this provided our students to truly be global citizens, be leaders and be the best that they can be. I would like to thank both Kelly and Daryll Poole who drove this event to make it such a success. 

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Albion Park High School is a White Ribbon School. This means that we are determined to make a difference to the frightening statistics around violence towards women in our local community. The first step starts with education; knowing the facts and understanding that it is unacceptable. The second is to make a personal decision to make a stand and make a difference; to never be a perpetrator and to never be a silent onlooker.

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White Ribbon Statistics
NSW Police spent 625,000 hours investigating domestic violence in 2012, accounting for 9% of Police call outs. There were 231 reported incidents of domestic violence in the Shellharbour Local Government Area in 2014. That was from 178 women in our area.