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Last updated 6:51 AM on 10 December 2013


During weeks 7 & 8, we have had the privilege of participating in work experience at Tullimbar Public School. As past students of Tullimbar it was a great opportunity to see how much the school has grown and developed. During our time at Tullimbar, we have experienced what it is like to be working in a classroom environment and have realised just how much time and effort the teachers put into organising open learning lessons in Literacy and hands-on activities in Maths. We were all fortunate to be in infants
classes (K-2) and assisted in the classrooms with a variety of lessons such as: reading, writing, maths and many other activities.
During our work experience, Tullimbar hosted an Adidas Fun Run. WOW! Everyone had heaps of fun running around the oval and getting wet in all the water activities that were around the course. We were exhausted at the end of the day.
We would like to thank all the teachers and executives involved in organising our work experience. We know that it is hard to have extra bodies in a classroom but we really appreciated our time at Tullimbar. We have learnt that working with children is very rewarding and demanding. We all had an amazing time!