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Last updated 4:27 PM on 3 August 2015
Principal's Message
I would like to warmly welcome our Japanese visitors from Omiya Kita High. This is the fourth visit from our sister school and we have already shared many fun and exciting activities together.
Mr Paul Ryan welcomed them all on last week's assembly with an impressive ability to relate that welcome in Japanese. We exchanged gifts and all of the ten exchange students introduced themselves to us. This is a fantastic program which helps our students connect on a global level; as the students share interests, stories and information our students learn and grow as they reach outside themselves to understand others.
We will be going to Japan later next year with five teachers and ten lucky student travellers who will experience the wonders first hand of overseas travel.
Sincere thanks to the staff who have helped support this visit, especially Japanese teacher Ms Michelle Hutchins and Head Teacher Welfare Ms Kelly Poole, both of whom are also overseeing the Japanese excursion.    





Southern Stars is in full force now with only a few weeks to the big show. Because of our outstanding quality venue at Albion Park we are used on many weekends as the place to rehearse, it is exciting to see the hundreds of students involved practising on the weekends at Albion Park High School, and after hearing many of the songs last Sunday I can assure you it will be a show not to be missed!

All the best to our twenty five dancers who are currently practising hard every sport afternoon to ensure that their segment will be brilliant as well as our participants in the choir, ably led by Ms Rebecca Keen. Thanks to Mrs Nicole Woods who teaches the dance students while she is also just weeks away from having her first baby – a huge effort on Ms Woods' part!
Suzi Clapham