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Last updated 10:03 AM on 21 March 2017



This year, UOW will offer students the chance to earn a place to UOW in the UAC November Round via UOW Early Admission. Early admission will be open to applicants who are in Year 12 in 2017 and completing the HSC and eligible to receive an ATAR.


UOW will still be providing indicative criteria as part of the program. This criteria is based on how
students should be performing at school if they hope to succeed in the course at University, and is
not exclusionary – students who don't meet this criteria can still apply to be considered for Early

As well as meeting academic criteria, students will be asked to include a brief CV to show us their
extra-curricular achievements. In 2017, the CV will have five 'sections' that your students may want to
start thinking about now:

  • Extra-curricular activities (sports teams etc)
  • Work experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Volunteer experience
  • Special awards - For a student to be made a UOW Early Admission offer in the UAC November Round 1 (on 16 November ), they must be interviewed by UOW. Students who are unable to complete this interview requirement will be ineligible for an offer.

Key Dates
Application information will be available at Careers Markets and from UOW. There will not be a separate UOW Early Admission brochure in 2017. Instead, the Early Admission information will be included in the 2017 UOW Course Directory.

The UOW Early Admission website will be refreshed with 2017 information including
course and criteria information, key dates and information on how to apply. 

  • Tuesday 1 August, 2017 - UOW Early Admission online applications open at 9am.
  • Friday 25 August, 2017 - UOW Early Admission online applications close at 5pm 
  • Tuesday 26 September – Thursday 28 September, 2017 – UOW Early Admission interviews at UOW's
  • Wollongong Campus 12 November, 2017 (date tbc) - UAC preferences for November Round one close 
  • 16 November, 2017 (date tbc) – November Round one offers released by UAC.

As part of their application, students will be required to enter their academic marks from years
11 and 12. UOW will require certified copies of these marks. Information about the exact
certification requirements and process will be communicated to you as August approaches.