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Last updated 7:01 AM on 5 November 2015

confidence man


On Friday 16 October twenty four students and Mrs Roth went to see the play "The Confidence Man" by Zoe Pepper and Adriane Daff.
The performance had six characters which were volunteer audience members, donning a mask and a headset. The actors were given stage directions and sometimes their inner thoughts through the headset. Christie Ann Shaw and Ryan Hilton from Year 10 both eagerly volunteered. The audience was given a smartphone with headsets with the ability to listen in on each of the characters individually.

This form of interactive theatre was a little disorientating at first, but once we became familiar with the characters it was great fun to switch between them. It was interesting to see that sometimes, the action of the actors were comical, unless you had the audio with it!
The students are to be commended for their maturity and behaviour throughout the day. The only person
who found it difficult to remain silent in the quiet carriages on the train was me! Thanks for a great day
Yr9/10 Drama
Mrs Roth