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Last updated 6:59 AM on 5 November 2015

The 38th annual Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) took place in August in primary and secondary schools all over Australia. Hundreds of thousands of students from Year 3 to Year 12 compete on the same day, making it possibly one of the largest single events on the Australian education calendar.
Students of all levels of ability, from all types of schools in vastly different locations around the country, sat a 75-minute secondary paper, which contained quirky questions with an emphasis on fun and problem solving.
The AMC is also the first and believed to be one of the largest competitions of its kind in the world, with more than 1100 prizes and 60 medals awarded annually. Since it began in 1978, it has become a truly international event, attracting approximately 14 million entries. This year, there are entries from more than 40 countries across South East Asia, the Pacific, Europe, and Africa. There is an increase in entries from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
‘Many of Australia's leading mathematicians under the age of about 40 were identified through the AMC and are products of the Olympiad programs. They are serving their country in science in areas such as climate change and defence', he added.
Students who are outstanding both within their state or country and overall in the Competition are awarded medals at annual ceremonies.
The Trust is under the Trusteeship of the University of Canberra. Support for the AMC also comes from the Canberra Mathematical Association.

The Albion Park High Mathematics Faculty wishes to congratulate the following courageous students who participated in this year's competition. They placed themselves far out of their comfort zone and for this reason alone, they should be celebrated.
Year 7:
Emily Sherwood, Paris Butler, Erin Pasfield, Bailey Oldfield, Kaylee Thorn-Clarke, Claire Williams, Latai Kinikini, Lorena Ramirez, William Wheatley, Kathryn Lynn, Summa Burk, Ashley Van Vliet Williams, Skye Yeaman, Benjamin Hansen-Arthur, Jack Mangoulias, Kaitlyn Whitchurch, Taneisha Griffiths, Isabelle Harding, Clayten McGlynn, Jacinta Tanti.
Year 8:
Josephine Barkeit, Daniel Munro.
Well done everyone and thank you for your commitment to excellence.
Mr F Gonzalez
Maths Head Teacher