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Last updated 11:24 AM on 22 June 2015
Our school Athletics Carnival was held on Friday the 5th of June, 2015. Previously postponed due to wet weather, we awoke to more rain in the early hours of the morning!! Many other local carnivals were announcing cancellations and we were feeling the pressure to make a decision. After much deliberation and a thorough investigation of the grounds and the rain radar, we decided to go ahead with it (Bianca Dye from i98 even labelled our kids as tough), and aren't we glad we did!
Although it was a little brisk during the morning, it turned out to be a beautiful day for a carnival! We even saw some sunshine after lunch!
There was something for everybody with our serious athletes participating in the competitive events and novelty events to suit all. All participants won points for their house groups and had a really enjoyable day.
Thank you to Ms Lisa De Jager and her fabulous team along with Mrs Keen and her wonderful protégée Jack Twist!  A big thank you to the hospitality students who provided tea and coffee throughout the day and the year 11 and 12 Sports Coaching students who offered their assistance on the day, you guys rock!
We are sad that our carnivals are over for the year, however, we are looking forward to bigger and better carnivals in 2016 ……… hopefully we will have better luck with the weather!
Age Champions
Congratulations to the following students for taking out their respective age champion awards:
Boys 12 - Zachary Elbourne (70 points)
Girls 12 - Jacinta Tanti & Maddison Wesley (44 points)
Boys 13 - James Lavis (34 points)
Girls 13 - Karissa High (66 points)
Boys 14 - Jack Veenstra (56 points)
Girls 14 - Amber Robinson (40 points)
Boys 15 - Mitchell Johnston (66 points)
Girls 15 - Courtney Brown (64points)
Boys 16 - Nicholas High (52 points)
Girls 16 - Breanna Payne (54 points)
Boys 17 - Zac Barry (40 points)
Girls 17 - Rideika Wright (64 points)
Record breakers
A huge congratulations to the following students who broke records on the day….. some more than 20 years old! 


House Cup
Well done to Guruwin who took out the House Cup with a total of 1119 points! Their effort and enthusiasm is inspirational!! What a great effort from the entire team!
Buru 838
Guruwin 1119
Gugara 999
Munda 956
Did you know that Mr Fogliada still holds the record for the 12 years 400 metres run in 2001?
high jump