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Last updated 3:15 PM on 30 November 2015

Year 9

In a recent assessment, Year 9 Food Technology students designed and produced  individual Novelty Cakes to celebrate a  5 year old's birthday.

A huge effort was made by all students to  decorate and present  their cakes and party theme. Themes included;  Minney Mouse, Frozen, beach, rainbows, butterflies and Cookie Monster cakes, just to name a few.

A wonderful effort was made by all and I was very proud of their commitment and determination to succeed in the task.


cake 2cake1 cake 3 cake 4


Year 10

In Term 4, Year 10 Food Technology students have been learning about the Food Service and Catering industry. They applied their knowledge and skills to prepare and present an afternoon tea for invited guests.

Thank you to all parents, family members and staff who were able to attend the afternoon tea and provide students with valuable feedback.

yr10 1 yr10 2
yr 10 3 yr10 4