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Last updated 11:18 AM on 11 November 2014

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After a term of trying to get a viable date sorted, the Sports Committee finally got to spend a solid 22 hours together at The Rose Valley Lodge, just west of Gerringong.

With a packed agenda that included planning for 2015, organising our upcoming Sports Presentation Ceremony and voting in our new office bearer positions, it was difficult to find the time to eat, bond and socialise but we managed to!

A lavish pasta and salad spread was laid on by some of the girls, before Mr Ford and Miss Wright arrived just in time for the night's entertainment. The Hat Game proved a winner with most, although Aaron Schloeffel spent more time sneezing than aiding his team. Dessert was wolfed down and then it was torches out for Spotlight and a million marshmallows to toast on Zac's campfire. Much to the dismay of our Year 12 guests, who were still hiding in the forest.

With tent city looking solid, we bedded down quite late, which didn't stop some latenight revellers glad wrapping the toilets or icing some tshirts!

God had the last laugh at 2.30am though, when the wind picked up and it started to rain, causing all those outdoors to give their tent pegs a bit more hammer.

6.30 am and about ten of us went for a morning jog, knowing full well that our bacon and eggs and
pancakes would be on the table when we returned. Perhaps not. It was a noble effort though from our
outgoing male Captain and Vice Captain in their attempt to feed 26 hungry mouths. The wait was well
worth it in the end and ‘The Cup Song' kept most of us entertained anyway.

By this stage, time was slipping by way too quickly so we completed our last planning session before heading out to Storm the Bunker. Miss Drummond arrived bearing platters of hot chips, which were quickly wolfed down with gluttonous abandon. And then we were done. Maybe we'll go for longer next year guys!!