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Last updated 11:12 AM on 22 June 2015
This year Albion Park High School participated in the South Coast Dance Festival Performance for the second year in a row. The group of 10 students from year 7 – 10 have been working hard on their performance for the past term and a half and represented our school beautifully with a contemporary dance item.
The students performed in two evening performances and were invited to attend an exclusive closed performance where they were provided the opportunity to watch other items involved in the show.
The students should be congratulated on the time and effort they put into rehearsing and performing their item. These students give up their own time outside of school to rehearse and perform and their hard work definitely paid off!
Many of these students are also part of our Southern Stars Dance group who are about to commence their rehearsals for the show in August next term. So if you see them around congratulate and wish them good luck for their future dance performances.
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