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Last updated 3:11 PM on 18 September 2017

Over this term, Skills 21 students have been busy. 

We commenced a composting program, designed decks and mosaics and looked after calves in the Ag Plot as part of the "Cows Create Careers" program. This is all done in addition to our normal learning experiences in class.

Last Friday, Skills 21 students ran a Nacho Day fundraiser from the Canteen. A huge thankyou to the head of the canteen Shona Smylie and the other parent volunteers who helped and supported this awesome day! The nachos were delicious!

We also have created a you tube channel where we upload weekly VLOGS of what we have been up to with the living classroom. If you'd like to check it out click this link below:

Skills 21 youtube channel - link


Albion Park RSL has given a generous donation of $20,000 to the Skills 21 living classroom program! 

A huge thank you! 

We greatly appreciate it and it will be used for starting the earthworks, purchasing plants, soil, mulch and much more. The earthworks phase is scheduled to commence week 1 of term 4.


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