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Last updated 6:24 AM on 4 May 2017

Claire Hansen Arthur undertook the project of restoring the memorial garden in front of the school library as part of her Youth Frontiers program. The garden was originally established as a memorial to students and staff who have passed away, but had become less obvious in recent years with the growth of trees and shrubs in the garden. Claire decided that it needed to be made more prominent and so went about organising a stone and plaque to place in the garden. Claire raised money through a BBQ to purchase the stone and plaque which was provided at a discounted price form South Coast Sandstone. She also had to do some research to ensure that the names on the plaque were correct. Claire was supported through this process by her mentor Hannah and her father. After nearly 12 months of determined work the memorial stone was delivered courtesy of a Cleary Bros truck and placed in the garden at the start of the recent holidays. Well done Claire for identifying a problem and being prepared to do something about it – this demonstrates a strong community spirit!