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Last updated 11:07 AM on 14 November 2017

Remembrance DayRemembrance DayRemembrance Day

Remembrance DayRemembrance Day

Last week, for Remembrance Day, Albion Park High formulated a very special way of remembering and commemorating its significance. Through the HSIE faculty; as part of Project Based Learning; students in Year 9 created specialised projects which looked very deeply into specific aspects of the World Wars.

These students' projects are a far cry from the projects students did in the past. With the gold standard projects we are all aiming for at Albion Park High School, there is a very real authenticity, a real audience and the stakes for the projects are very high. There is a high expectation for what are regarded as the ‘soft skills' of team work, collaboration and problem solving in preparation for the work skills needed in the 21st Century. As part of this learning program the best projects were taken to display at the commemoration service in Albion Park on the weekend, where they were truly appreciated!

This process also included the service itself at school, expertly overseen by teacher Lucille McGrath. Luci organised the students beautifully but the real congratulations must go to the students themselves who were magnificent. We have footage of the event which will be posted on our site as soon as it has been prepared. Well done Year 9, your willingness to grow and learn is exciting and you are a credit to yourselves and your families.

Suzi Clapham