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Last updated 3:01 PM on 12 February 2014

Relay for Life

Albion Park High school has once again registered a Team in this year's Relay, being held on Saturday and Sunday 22/23th MARCH 2014 at the Albion Park Showground, Tongarra Road, Albion Park.

Our involvement is being organised by students from across our three committee groups and this year, their aim is to double the members and the profits!

The Shellharbour Relay event commences at 10am and will conclude at 10am the following day. No students are required or expected to remain for the entire time, however, some committee members will be needed outside event times for preparation and pack up.

Students must nominate specific times they will be available to walk and register a parent/carer contact at the APHS tent site. Food and drinks are available to purchase but it is strongly advised students bring their own.

Students will be supervised during their nominated times ONLY.  No duty of care or responsibility for students will be extended past this nominated time frame and pick- ups and drop- offs are parental responsibilities.

There are 3 ways to get involved –

  1. Join our team and walk (remember you nominate how many hours)
  2. Sponsor someone on our team
  3. Tell others to sponsor someone in our team!

Why not make it a family event? Parents and siblings are welcome to join our team as walkers; however, non APHS students will not be included in the duty of care.

To register, go to

relayforlife shellharbour

Click the icon "Join a Team"


ALBION PARH HIGH SCHOOL and follow the prompts to register, you will need a credit card for the $20 fee. Then Facebook everyone to sponsor you! J