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Last updated 12:42 PM on 2 May 2016



Congratulations to Shanaya Mullholland (7B), Arabella Couley (7I), Lilly Jackson (7A) and Piper Wesley (7L) who were the lucky Term 1 winners of free movie tickets to Greater Union Cinemas.
Regular reading of fifteen minutes each night is expected English homework for junior students at Albion Park High School. Students in Years 7 and 8 have been given reading logs. They are expected to fill them in, recording their regular reading. Parents are asked to encourage and monitor this homework, by signing the reading log.

More movie tickets will be on offer this term, so remember to read regularly and record it in your reading log. See Mrs Hoole in the Library if you are stuck for a book to read. It is her mission to match readers with a good book.