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Last updated 11:43 AM on 14 February 2018

Mrs Clapham


Welcome back to Albion Park High School 2018, we have had an amazingly smooth and stress-free start to the new year with Year 7 settling in brilliantly and the seniors starting straight into their studies. 
The new black shorts look fantastic and the uptake has been great.

Thank you to all of the parents who purchased the correct items. As always the BLACK LEATHER SHOES continue to be a focus for us and the vast majority of students are appropriately attired.

I wish to congratulate Year 12 2017 on gaining the best HSC results in the history of the school. With twelve Band 6s and 68 band 5s. Many of the students gained individual results that they were very happy with. It is a time to celebrate. Year 12 2018 will have a lot to live up to and Itrust that their study regime has kicked in immediately. Thank you to my wonderful staff who worked tirelessly to support their students.

Congratulations to our new SRC captains and vice-captains for 2018: Dallas Harrison, Emily Harris, Daniel Gonzalo and Macayla Hilton, their ‘bio' details are in the latest newsletter. We are lucky to have such talented and enthusiastic young people to take up the leadership role.

We would also like to welcome to the school new staff members.
Head teacher HSIE: Ben Andersen and Special Education Teacher: Alison Waters