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Last updated 12:28 PM on 16 March 2015



Pollutia and the Forest Fairies is a pantomime for Years 1-5 and is making steady progress.

The students involved in this production vary in their roles. Our backstage crew have almost completed the designing, building and painting of our set and properties. In fact one Sunday was a flurry of activities and many a magic wand was fluttered – finalising the painting of our set and our newly constructed sound and lighting box.

A witch or two could be heard cackling in the Music block and the staff room was a hive of activity as the students finalised the design and layout of the tickets and program.
The students will be performing for the three local primary schools, on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 March and for our own Year 7 students on the Thursday. There is a Wednesday night performance for family and friends at 7pm.

Tickets will be available at the front office for this performance from Monday 9 March. The ticket price is $10 Adult and $5 under 15 and for Grandparents/Pensioners.