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Last updated 8:30 AM on 12 June 2017

I would like to congratulate the PARKS MEDIA MARK group who have, in their Year 11 Skills for work course, created a lunch time radio segment. The nine boys in Ms MacIver's class have done a truly marvellous job in learning how to use digital technology to ensure that the segment works from a technical point of view, they have investigated current music trends, researched iTunes and interviewed students for their opinions to choose music that will ‘work'.



The students use one period a week to pre-record their show with Ms MacIver in class, in the sound proofed music room, so that they are ready to simply go! The reaction to this new program has been extremely positive from both staff and students. The project is high quality and considered ‘gold standard' because of its complexity, the high level expectation of the audience and the ‘high stakes'. Well done to the Skills for Work Team.