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Last updated 8:14 AM on 14 October 2014

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For the past two weeks I have spent my holiday on the cultural school trip to Japan (Omiya Kita High School). This trip was a fabulous experience for us all. I would like to publically praise and commend the 11 students who accompanied myself, Mr Kent, Ms Poole, Mrs Joynson and Mrs Mukaji. It was an absolute joy to be associated with Albion Park High School students who were well-behaved, culturally appropriate, respectful and good humoured at all times.

This week the students will be presenting a one-minute talk to the junior students about their trip, also sharing their photos and stories.

For me the highlights were multiple, but the Golden Temple, Jack splitting his pants in a karate class, seeing the students form wonderful relationships on their homestays and travelling 350 km per hour on the bullet trains were pretty good!

Japan is an incredibly safe, clean and welcoming country and I very much look forward to the next visit by the Omiya Kita students next year. I encourage you to consider billeting a student. If you have younger students I encourage you to save up for the 2016 trip which will be overseen by our new Japanese teacher, Ms Michelle Hutchins.

I wish to thank the staff who attended, they were wonderful company, extremely supportive and hard working and paid their own way and in their own time, in order to ensure that our students had this magnificent adventure. I have absolutely no doubt that we have 11 more students who have caught the ‘travel bug' and will be skilled and ready to travel the world!