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Last updated 9:09 AM on 27 July 2016

The ED Unit classes have been working with a local graffiti artist to design and create our outdoor feature wall.

The students worked through a range of concepts including, cartoons characters, meaningful words and classroom symbols. The students soon realised they could combine all three concepts to make an eclectic street art design. As a group we undertook a number of lessons to learn the skills and techniques necessary to complete the final art work.

Initially many students felt out of their comfort zone and hesitated to take part in these lessons. With time and encouragement all students developed a skill set that enabled them to take part in the final project. This project was a massive learning curve for all of our students, as they learnt important life skills such as, problem solving, time management, resilience and how to work as team. They now feel they have added a personal touch to our learning environment and enhanced their sense of belonging in our unit.

graffiti wall  graffiti wall  graffiti wall