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Last updated 3:24 PM on 8 February 2016

opal card


•  OPAL CARDS for buses have arrived and many are still sitting in the front office.  There will be a deadline before which students are allowed onto a bus without them so if your child hasn't picked theirs up, please do so this week. (Please note: To report a lost, stolen or damaged School Opal card customers should phone 131500 or visit transportnsw.info/school-student).

•  If your details of residence, phone or living arrangements have changed in any way over the holiday break please let the front office know immediately.   This is essential in case of emergency that we are able to contact parents appropriately.

•  If your child was not present at the end of the year they may not have received their school report. Those remaining will be given out this week so please ask your child for their report.