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Last updated 2:31 PM on 4 August 2014

Every term the Albion Park High School Support Unit participates in a team building day to solidify the bond and friendships that have been built during their time at school. On Tuesday 17 June, we embarked on an adventure to the Sydney Aquarium and the Madame Tussaud's wax museum.
The day started bright and early at Albion Park train station in what we could only describe as freezing conditions. From there we caught the train to Town Hall station in Sydney. Upon arrival, we made our way down to Darling Harbour and the Sydney Aquarium.
While we were at the aquarium the kids got to see some of the amazing creatures of the ocean including sharks, stingrays, manta rays, sea horses, sword fish, just to name a few. The students were in awe of the fantastic variety of sea life. After our stroll around the Aquarium we stopped for a much needed lunch break in preparation for the next part of our journey.
After lunch, we made our way around the corner to Madame Tussauds, where we were met by former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber. Not even Mr Bridges could hide his excitement to have a photo taken with an icon of Australian Racing. With the excitement of meeting their first celebrity, the students were very keen to get inside the museum and see who else they could meet.
Some of the favourite celebrities that students wanted photos with were Alf from "Home and Away", Kylie Minogue and a singer that I'm not too familiar with that goes by the name of Justin Bieber.
Overall, it was a fabulous day enjoyed by both staff and students who were beautifully behaved throughout the day.

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