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Last updated 6:26 AM on 14 June 2017

Albion Park High School commemorated National Sorry Day, an Australia-wide observance on Friday 26 May. This gave the school community the chance to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the country's indigenous population, and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities.
The school would like to acknowledge and thank the presenters who participated during the commemoration. Our school captains Abigail Bowes and Seth Phillips welcomed our visitors and school community. Keana Dobeson led the assembly with the ‘Acknowledgment to Country.

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The team from AIME (Wollongong) shared their story. Dallas Harrison representing the school community spoke about the next generation and the steps they can make to move forward. The Illawarra Flametree dancers, comprising local school students and Shakiah-Lee Preo from Albion Park High School performed. Richard Campbell played the didgeridoo, after the viewing of the apology spoken by Kevin Rudd in February 2008.

Sophie Pardoe, Emma Brewer and Tiana Ristevski who all are studying for a barista course, prepared a light lunch for visitors and guests.

The school community thanks the many elders who attended our Assembly commemorating National Sorry Day.

Year 7 students Amber Fowler, Kiara Parsons, Lachlan Cusack and Brydon Hall enjoyed the ‘Sharing Stories' performance at the Wollongong Town Hall celebrating culture and stories for Reconciliation Week 2017.

Local indigenous performers from a variety of local schools shared their talents, creativity, identity and stories on the stage. Albion Park High School students Shakiah-Lee Preo and Keana Dobeson danced with the ‘Flametree'dancers sharing the story about the Illawarra Black Swan and the Flannel Flower.
In this intergenerational project, local elders shared their stories with the younger generation, who were encouraged to creatively express these stories through dance, song, and theatre. The students delighted in stories such as the Birth of the Butterfly, Flannel Flower and the Illawarra Black Swan.