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Last updated 2:27 PM on 27 October 2014

interview day


At the end of Term 3, Albion Park High held its annual Interview Day for Year 10 students. The main element of the Interview Day was, of course, the mock interviews. Students were required to prepare for an interview based on a job advertisement. They had to conduct themselves at the interview as they would for any real job interview, so they had to dress in business attire and speak clearly and confidently about why they would be suited to the position. The interviewers for the mock interviews were Mr Farrugia and Year 10 English teachers, who had also worked hard to prepare students for their interviews in English classes leading up to the day. This resulted in students producing a resume and cover letter which they took to their interview.

Four other career related workshops were held on the day by representatives from local business and
community organisations.

  • Presenting Professionally for Work - Cassie Turner (Kiama Community College). Involved information and skills related to bodylanguage, personal presentation and deportment.
  • Effective Careers Assessment - Brian Horan (eCareers Academy) looked at the benefits of planning and decision making in career pathways.
  • Experiencing Work - Abby Hartgrove (Workplace Learning Illawarra). Explored the role of work experience and work placement and how to plan and organise for work experience 2014.
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships - Jenny Watts (State Training). Distributed information about apprenticeships and traineeships and how to secure one.
  • Year 10 What next? Emlyn McLaughlin (UOW). Discussed Career Planning for the 21st century.
  • Job seeking, Social Media and Skills Road - Fiona Crane (Workplace Learning Illawarra). This practical workshop covered job search skills, social media and presenting oneself in the digital world, investigating the Skills Road website.

Congratulations to all the students who participated so enthusiastically in the day's activities and showed appreciation for those who presented the workshops. Thank you also to the Albion Park High staff involved, who added to the success of the program.

The following is a letter from the provider congratulating our students and Cheryl Burling our Career Advisor:
Dear Ms Clapham,
It was my privilege to be invited to be a presenter at Albion Park High School on Friday, 12 September. It was part of the special one-day Year 10 Career Program. My topic was on ‘The Benefits of an Effective Careers Assessment'.
As a result of participating in this program, I'd like to compliment Cheryl Burling, your Careers Advisor. The program was well-organised, we received first-rate hospitality and the support staff complemented Cheryl very well. In addition, the Year 10 students were attentive, well-mannered and seemed to enjoy the presentation.
I commend Cheryl's efforts as I've been a Careers Advisor in an Illawarra High School for seventeen years and I know how much effort goes into planning an event such as this. In my opinion Cheryl has organised an event that not many Careers Advisors would even contemplate, due to its complexity. The students will be have definitely benefited from this event and be much better prepared to enter the next phase of their career journey.
In closing, I'd like to thank you for the invitation to be a part of this special educational event. As an appreciation of your hospitality, I donated a copy of my recent personal development novel, ‘New Windows of Opportunity' to the Albion Park High School Library. I make myself available in the future to support the conscientious efforts of Cheryl and your Careers Department, in attempting to make a significant difference to the students of Albion Park High School.

Yours faithfully,
Brian Horan Managing Director and Principal Counsellor
eCareers Academy Your Future No!