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Last updated 9:59 AM on 21 March 2017

Tahlee Parsons, Sara Lindsay and Alyssa Matthews attended the International Women's Day function at the Nan Tien Temple hosted by the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women.



The Keynote speaker was the Hon. Jenny Macklin MP inspiring woman about ‘Gaining the Unexpected' and her journey growing up in Brisbane to being involved in politics for over thirty years.
A panel of seven women from all walks of life shared their personal journeys ‘Achieving the Unexpected'. They were all inspirational but one of the women who had had so much hardship in her life was a refugee from Liberia in West Africa.

She lost many members of her family including her husband and daughter during the war. Her village was set on fire in 1984. She fled and was in a refugee camp for over 9 years supporting her five children until she had the opportunity to travel to heaven (Wollongong).

Since arriving in Wollongong she has educated herself and is at the moment studying for a social work degree at University of Wollongong. She is an employee of Aging Disability and Home Care
and a volunteer with SCARF. When you are determined you achieve anything.

Prizes were presented for winning essays written by students in the Illawarra. Many students read out their essay siting their vision for the future of Woman.

The audience was entertained by talented musicians – singing, drumming and Deeann Green playing the violin. The students had an inspirational, enlightening and informative day about the possibilities available to you if you are open to all opportunities.