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Last updated 10:30 AM on 1 September 2014

Mr Mayo's 7tec1 and 7tec6 classes and Mr Morgan's 7tec2 class have currently completed their noughts and crosses puzzle demonstrating good techniques in its construction. To personalise their projects, students have painted and wood-burnt their own designs into the job which resulted in some very colourful and artistic finishes. Most students are now busily creating their jigsaw puzzle of a zoo animal with a focus on the drawing and colour combinations to make the puzzle fun. It's great to know a good portion of the students are creating these puzzles with younger brothers and sisters in mind. Keep up the awesome work Year 7.



Year 9
Mr Davies' and Mr Mayo's Timber classes are finishing up their long awaited cube stools. They have finished them in a range of colours and finishes and will look good in their bedrooms. They now move onto woodturning a small vase to finish the term and begin their final project making a DVD/book case.

Year 10
Mr Little's class have just completed their breakfast trays in Tasmanian Oak and are now well underway producing their Major Project portfolios. This will allow them to produce a quality project of their own making in term 4.
Mr Morgan's Year 10 Metal class are currently making a fold-away BBQ plate and grill combination. The range of skills involved are cutting, welding and grinding being the key focus areas. Modifications include designing the handle and placement on the job. Some students are transitioning onto a ball peen hammer which involves turning on the metal lathe and oxy acetylene brazing the handle.