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Last updated 2:25 PM on 2 September 2015
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Albion Park High School recently hosted another successful visit from our sister school in Saitama, Japan. Ten students and two teachers from Omiya Kita High School spent eight nights with host families and enjoyed a full program of activities. This is the fifth time that staff and students from Omiya Kita have visited our school.
Having travelled from their rather hot and humid summer, the group found the cool weather at Albion Park a little difficult to adjust to but did not let it dampen their spirits. The school program included sports activities, class integration, cultural presentations to all Year 7 Japanese classes and an Australian Geography lesson.
A full day excursion was to Symbio Wildlife Park where Japanese students were able to see various animals and even pat a koala. This seemed to be a highlight for many.
Japanese students also participated in the Education Week festivities with Year 4 students from local primary schools. This involved Year 4 students experiencing the Japanese language and culture through calligraphy, origami, games and dressing up in traditional Japanese clothing, Kimono.
On the middle weekend, the majority of the group spent the weekend with their host families visiting Sydney, going to the beach, visiting the zoo, shopping and many other local attractions. The group were  farewelled Thursday morning with many tears from both Japanese and Australian students.
We would like to thank our host families who so generously welcomed these students into their homes and to experience life as a member of their family for the week. Without your support and assistance, programs like this would not be possible.
In September 2016, ten students and five teachers from Albion Park High School will be heading to Japan for a reciprocal visit. This program will involve our students being hosted by students from Omiya Kita High School for one week. Our group will then tour Japan where we will visit places such as Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima and Tokyo. All students and teachers are extremely excited and counting down the days!