Older News  » High Tea at Warrigal Care Centre to celebrate Mothers’ Day

Last updated 1:05 PM on 16 May 2016

This week also Mrs Patrice Joynson took a number of students out to the Warrigal Care Centre to visit the elderly to celebrate Mothers' Day, with her she took an excited group of students who helped serve a ‘high tea'.
Acccompanying Mrs Joynson was Natara and Tahlee Parsons, Unica Roberts and Courtney Brown who assisted with the set-up of the room, served food and drinks and helped with clean up duties. The girls worked with eighty fine china cup and saucer sets (which is no mean feat).

Our students were confident, friendly and helpful to the elderly and the staff and represented Albion Park High proudly.

Warrigal Care were so impressed with our students that they have asked them to return on Fathers' Day as well as Melbourne Cup functions. Mrs Joynson was high in her praise and pride of the girls and is looking forward to the next event!


high tea 1  high tea 2