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Last updated 6:11 PM on 8 August 2017

Did you know, of every 30 students in Australia, 7 will be dealing with a mental health issue, yet only 2 will reach out for support and 5 will suffer in silence? 

During Week 4, Year 10 students participated in a Batyr workshop focusing on preventative education in the area of youth mental health.  Batyr (meaning ‘Hero') tries to combat the false ideas surrounding mental health by helping young people talk about the "elephant in the room" in a fun and engaging way.



During the presentation students explored some of the misconceptions surrounding the phrase "mental health" and listened to the stories of two young people who have suffered through, and recovered from, poor mental health.  It is hoped that through sharing their stories, young people will be encouraged to:


"This was really engaging for teenagers.  Hearing the stories of young people who have experienced poor mental health makes you feel less alone."  Stephanie  Yr 10

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