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Last updated 12:24 PM on 1 November 2016

Throughout Term 3 and the beginning of Term 4, Olivia Jackson from Year 9 at Albion Park High School has been working on a fundraising project through the Youth Frontiers Program. Olivia, with the help of her mentor, has organised an Oz-Tag Gala Morning to help raise funds for White Ribbon, a movement working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equality and develop healthy relationships.
The Oz-Tag Gala day was held on Wednesday 19 October, during periods 2 & 3 across the road from the school, at Di Gorman Oval. There were twenty eight students involved, making up four teams in total. Olivia raised close to $80 for White Ribbon and will personally donate it to the school on White Ribbon Day on 25 November this year.

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