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Last updated 10:26 AM on 1 September 2014



On the 27 August a mixture of Years 9, 10 and 12 Food Technology students travelled to the Chifley Hotel for a tour behind the scenes.
We started our visit, wandering through the beautiful Chifley Hotel rooms on floor 11, giving the students a brief introduction to the housekeeping services. The students were most impressed with the $450 per night room, its beautiful views and luxury spa bath.
From housekeeping, the head chef presented the students with an informative talk about the latest food trends. Discussing modern trends in dining such as; degustation, comfort food, casual dining, communal dining, grazing, pop-ups, takeaway and healthy eating.
The second year apprentice then wove his magic, demonstrating his food presentation and styling skill in front of the attentive students. He styled and plated; two entrees, two mains and with some help from our very talented Taylor Temminck a delicious looking dessert of butterscotch caramel slice and ice cream, garnished with fairy floss! All the students were watching intently, keen and eager to eat their way through the array of scrumptious food before them.
We concluded the informative tour with a walk through the kitchen and some encouraging words of advice from the chefs about starting a career in the hospitality Industry.

A big thank you to Mrs Joynson and Mrs Woolley for organising the excursion and to Mrs Hunt, who was able to drive us using the Shellharbour Community Transport bus. A special thanks to the Chifley Hotel, particularly the head chef, Peter, for giving his time and the valuable knowledge he instilled into the students throughout the visit.