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FLAME is a very structured learning method which uses a writing scaffold to support students. This learning method has already been implemented at a number of high schools across the state. HSC students at those schools have made significant gains in the results for various subjects. This program, originally titled ALARM, is most important for both successful study methods and for refining quality responses to all HSC style questions.

Year 11 students will participate in 3 seminar / lecture presentations over three days from key staff members. Lecture notes and a comprehensive work book will also be provided for all participants.

The schedule for the three days is as listed below:

  • Monday 30/3/15 (Periods 1 and 2) - FLAME Foundations and paragraph structure
  • Tuesday 31/3/15 (Periods 1 and 2) - Decoding questions and using FLAME to respond to HSC style questions.
  • Wednesday 1/4/15 (Periods 2 and 3) - The Connotative application to FLAME.

Students will need to bring writing equipment and an open mind to allow full understanding of this process. The day will fit into normal school hours. NOTE: Lessons either side of the sessions outlines above will be as per normal timetable and require your normal learning materials and attendance.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to enhance the learning of all senior students at Albion Park High, and this is one of many extra activities and teaching and learning tools to assist students to maximise their results.

We are very excited about the possibilities inherent in this program and are looking forward to seeing all students gain from this valuable experience.