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Last updated 6:48 AM on 9 February 2016

Did you hear about FIT I A.M Fitness and Breakfast Club??

Get involved! The aim of FIT I A.M at Albion Park High School is to build a healthy, active community in which students have the opportunity to have fun in a supportive environment. FIT I A.M provides students with the opportunity to begin their school day participating in a range of physical activities as well as enjoying a nutritious breakfast. Through FIT I A.M we aim to allow students to feel a sense of belonging whilst strengthening links to our schools PDHPE curriculum.


This great Sports Committee initiative is run every Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:30am in the school gym. It starts Week 3, Term 2 and runs for the entire year. Students engage in ½ an hour of physical activity and then are provided with breakfast all before the bell goes for roll call. Students receive a membership card which works on a loyalty system, where a stamp is given for participation for students to earn prizes.

So grab some friends and come along to FIT I A.M!!

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