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Last updated 6:44 AM on 17 September 2014


With Schoolies and other end of year celebrations approaching The NSW Department of Education & Training (DET) would like to to support parents in being able to reduce the alcohol related harm for young people. The following resources and links maybe be useful.
Sometimes it's difficult for parents to talk to teenager about their feelings and expectations around alcohol or drug use. The Commonwealth government has produced a fact sheet for parents- Top  10 ways to encourage your kids to talk about drugs with you to assist with these discussions. 
There are also FREE hard copies of Your guide to dealing with Teenagers and Alcohol or Your guide to dealing with Teenagers and Grog that are available. These can be ordered via http://yourroom.com.au/parent-resources/
The NSW Department of Education & Training (DET) has prepared a comprehensive document on young people, alcohol and celebrating, including young people going on holidays, going to parties and the supply of alcohol to minors. This document is also available in a vast number of languages other than English. NSW DET: Alcohol: Celebrations & Supply.
Youthsafe has prepared  Helping teenagers celebrate safely
http://www.youthsafe.org/images/factsheets/2008_11_safe_celebrating_factsheet.pdf for families hosting a party at home or for young people choosing to go out with friends, this fact sheet contains some important discussion points and planning tips to help keep them safe.  If  parents are planning a party at home, the safe party kit link may be useful  http://www.mynite.com.au/pdfs/Party_Tips_Pack.pdf
Parents may also be confused regarding whether or not it is best to provide alcohol to their children. Research indicates that for children who are supplied alcohol by their parents are three times more likely to drink full serves of alcohol by the time they are 16 their parents. The safest option to protect young people from alcohol related harm is to delay the initiation of alcohol until at least 18 years of age, http://www.ncah.com.au/art/mental-health/aap/parents-supplying-teen-booze-raise-risks/109/
Knowing legal responsibilities surrounding teens and alcohol use is sometimes difficult. Supplying alcohol to minors is illegal (unless they are your own child and under your supervision) and there are fines that apply. Penalties also apply for minors supplying other minors.
Wishing you safe celebrations.