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Last updated 11:42 AM on 17 August 2015
On Tuesday 4 August Albion Park High School celebrated Education Week in the best way possible. One hundred and eighty five Year 4 students from our Community of Schools joined us for a day celebrating public education and having a lot of fun. The primary school students got involved in a variety of classes including Japanese, Science, Music, Library, Dance, Art, Maths, English, TAS, PDHPE and even a session on Positive Behaviours.
This is the third year we have combined our Education Week celebrations with the primary schools and many of our current Year 7s, who attended the first one, remember the day fondly. In addition to the primary schools we schedule the day to coincide with the visit from Omiya Kita, our Japanese exchange school, in order to expand the horizons of all the students involved.
Our Japanese exchange students set up two rooms this year to double the fun and exchange ideas on writing, games and the daily life of a student. The Year 9 guides did an excellent job of getting involved with the Year 4s and encouraging them to take part in the activities along the way. This was also a learning experience for them in preparation for leadership roles that will become open to them in the next few years.
The Year 4 students left at the end of the day with massive smiles and a wish that they could have stayed longer. A massive thank you goes to all the staff involved, especially as they volunteer their time for these special days. But the smiles on the faces of all our students and prospective students make the hard work worthwhile.
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Claire Phillips
COS co-ordinator