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Last updated 10:15 AM on 8 August 2017

Education Week this year has been particularly special in that Albion Park High received the regional School Excellence award, this award from the Director of Education Ms Mandy Shaw was for the work we have done in literacy and the improvements in results, which have been quite stunning. Staff associated with these awards received thanks for their contribution to education last Wednesday in Figtree. I wish to thank all of my hard working staff but in particular the literacy team led by Head Teacher Teaching and Learning Mrs Elizabeth Asanovic.


Individual education week awards have also been awarded to the following staff:

  • Ms Amy Caldwell for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for a new scheme teacher. 
  • Mrs Debbie Hunt for her Excellence in Educational Support as an SLSO (School Learning Support Officer) 
  • Mrs Patrice Joynson for Excellence in Community Partnerships 

It is a huge privilege to be awarded at this ceremony, but in particular it's a privilege for our community to have such wonderful staff at our school!


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