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Last updated 4:22 PM on 3 August 2015


This year's Work in Progress Days were held in the school's Performing Arts Theatre on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 May. The days provided the opportunity for Regional Drama classes to come together to perform their theatre pieces in front of their peers to encourage, learn and support each other in a relaxed atmosphere.
Across the two days we had nine visiting schools, totalling over 230 very keen and talented young students, eager to perform their pieces. Some students performed scenes from texts studied in class, others performed group devised works where they research a topic, form an opinion and then present different viewpoints of the topic in theatrical ways.
Pre-service Drama teachers who are studying at Wollongong University kindly adjudicated, looking for the ‘potential' in the pieces they see. They provide feedback for improvement on those who will advance to the next round, The South Coast Drama Festival, at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre, in Wollongong.
All Albion Park High School's Drama students embraced the opportunity to perform. This is a credit to them all. They were committed to work collectively and rehearsed tirelessly, often in their own time.
We had three Acts proceed into the South Coast Drama Festival which took place last Tuesday night. I had the privilege of escorting our students who worked tirelessly rehearsing their group devised pieces for this year's competition. The Acts were varied. Bibbitty Bobbity Boobs was a satirical piece devised by Jayde Axam, Sophie Smith and Coutney Dacombe-Baxter (Yr. 10), that centred on the complexities of becoming a woman. The Island was a creative movement dramatic piece that explores the treatment of asylum seekers and the effects of this treatment on their mental health and well-being. Year 11's piece, Cocteau, explored the madness of this brilliant artist, playwright, poet and filmmaker. The students who explored his work and together with Mr Ryan, created this piece were: Kaylee Cohen, Stephanie Coomb, Melissa Gibbons, Keeley-Sierra Horton, Brodie Markovski, Hailey McPaul, Zarina Ross-Kelloway, Aaron Schloeffel, Chelsea Shaw, Joshua Thompson, Emma Turnbull, Jack Twist and Elisa Wiik.
We spotted many fellow Albion Park High School students and families in the audience this year, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for supporting Drama. We are sure you enjoyed the show. 
Lastly, to the students involved across the Work in Progress days, the Drama Festival and the students who came along to support their peers, Mr Ryan and I are very proud of you. You proved to be incredible hosts with immaculate manners. You showed initiative and made the days run smoothly. Your dedication to perfect your performances is commendable and your enthusiasm is infectious. You are all a joy to work with and we sincerely thank you.
Dramatically Yours
Mrs Roth and Mr Ryan