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Last updated 3:34 PM on 19 February 2018

If the answer to this question is yes, then you should read on… 

VET courses including Business Services, Construction, Hospitality, Information, Digital Media & Technology and Metals & Engineering all have a compulsory work placement component of 70 hours over two years (mandated by NESA). Sport Coaching has 35 hours of work placement over 2 years – most of this is completed as part of the course work. 

In most cases students are provided with a list of employers to select from for their placement. These employers are registered with Workplace Learning Illawarra. On rare occasions, students may have to or want to source their own placement. To allow placements to proceed, students, parents and the employer are required to complete paperwork called a Student Placement Record. Once all the information is recorded and the form is signed and returned to school, students and the employer are covered by the Department of Education insurance. This is important just in case an injury or accident occurs in the workplace.

2018 Placements are scheduled for the following dates:

wp dates


Whilst we do our best to send students out on placements during the allocated weeks there are sometimes reasons why this is not possible, so a degree of flexibility is required. 

Students studying EVET courses (i.e. at TAFE) also have a work placement requirement. This is organised by TAFE or the RTO providing the training. If students fail to properly organise and attend their allocated work placement they, and their families, will be responsible for organising an alternative placement to satisfy the mandatory requirements. Failing to complete work placement can also result in a student receiving an N-warning for the course. Further information about work placement can be found in the Workplace Learning Guide for Parents and the Workplace Learning Guide for Employers. 

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If you have any questions regarding VET courses and work placement please contact Allyson Fisher – HT VET/Careers on 42571744.