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Last updated 6:55 AM on 10 December 2013




Albion Park High School is very saddened by the departure of our Italian exchange student Michela Molina. For six months she has attended each day with a smile and an eagerness to learn about Australia and our way of life. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to broaden her knowledge and improve her English speaking skills, Michela volunteered to assist in many school and community events.
I had the pleasure of hearing her sing at the St Vincent De Paul's fundraising event last Thursday night. For anyone to sing to a crowd is nerve racking, but Michela's commitment and bravery to perform in a foreign country is to be admired. The Yr 12 students all pitched in to buy Michela a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, as a departing gift as she formed many strong friendships whilst here. Her mature attitude to learning and indeed her attitude to life has enriched the lives of our students and we are grateful for that.
A special thanks must go to Sarah Brady and Sheridan McGee for the heartfelt farewell speeches. I will look forward to catching up with Michela when I visit Italy in 2015. In the meantime, there is always Facebook!
Mrs Roth
Year 12 Advisor