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Last updated 11:10 AM on 22 June 2015
After a successful Round 1 debate against Kanahooka High School in Week 5 Albion Park High School's Senior Debating Team attended Dapto High School to compete in Rounds 2 and 3 of the Premier's Debating Challenge on Tuesday 16 June.
Emily Clifford opened the first debate against Dapto High School in a confident manner and quickly defined the topic and established the team model for the banning of contact sports for under 18's. She presented a series of strong affirmative arguments to support this model and established a solid base for the team's case.
Chloe Clifford as second speaker strengthened the team line by arguing that contact sports cause injury, promote violence and come at a great financial cost to the community.
Our case was reinforced by third speaker Sophie Elbourne whose rebuttal was robust and who brought home a powerful winning argument. Harry Nicholson performed admirably as a last minute replacement as team advisor, consulting, guiding and providing brainpower to the team.
Round 3 of the competition found us up against Lake Illawarra High School debating the topic That Voting Should Be Compulsory. As the negative team we argued that compulsory voting ensures a fair outcome, safeguards citizens' rights and promotes democracy. Once again the team worked together to construct a logical, convincing case against the premise, but were defeated in what was a very tight competition.
Emily, Chloe, Sophie and Harry were impressive representatives of Albion Park High School demonstrating talent, poise and self-confidence. Congratulations on a fantastic effort.
Mrs Grant


Team Members:
Speaker 1: Emily Clifford
Speaker 2: Chloe Clifford
Speaker 3: Sophie Elbourn
Team Advisor: Harry Nicholson
Absent: Chloe Flynn