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Last updated 3:16 PM on 18 September 2017

Albion Park High School Students in Year 11 travelled to Sydney on the 15 August to attend the ‘Bstreetsmart' program as part of the Stage 6 crossroads initiative. ‘Bstreetsmart' is held because our youth are being severely injured and killed due to potentially preventable road crashes.

The NSW statistics in 2016 for 17-25 year olds showed 78 fatalities and 2479 injuries. These young people hold only 14% of licenses, but they are involved in 21% of fatal crashes.

The forum provides students who are most at risk a realistic look at the trauma caused by road crashes, and gives them information and strategies in an attempt to reduce serious injuries and deaths. A live car crash scene is one of the main features of the day, where young drivers, police officers, paramedics, fire officers and crash scene investigators play out a scenario involving a car crash (pictured below). Students witness the real- life, severe consequences of drinking and driving. ‘Bstreetsmart' also utilises victims of road accidents to talk about how one poor decision on the road has impacted on their everyday lives. Students sat transfixed as they heard the difficulty of living with both permanent physical and brain injuries, and why being safe on the road is so important for all drivers.

Finally, students could also engage with each of the emergency services workers and discuss the jobs of each of these valuable people. By the end of the day the students were emotionally exhausted, and all said that they would definitely take driving more seriously. This is a great success for the program.

Matt Meikle (PDHPE Teacher)



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