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Last updated 6:53 AM on 2 September 2014



Year 9 Food Technology students had the opportunity to spend a day making Camembert cheese as part of a State- wide school competition. Criteria for the competition was to make and mature Camembert cheese in the classroom, research the market place and then create a 60 second multimedia advertisement.

Making Camembert cheese is a long process taking over 6 – 8 weeks once the cheese has formed a mould and started to mature. It is required to be turned daily and kept at 12 degrees celsius until the mould forms. It is then transferred to a fridge where it is kept at a constant temperature between 4-6 degrees celsius for up to 6-8 weeks. Seth Phillips (Year 9) and Daniel Gonzalo( Year 8) as part of a special interest project during the holidays videoed footage at a local dairy farm and then worked on a 60 second multimedia presentation.

On the 9th September the ‘Big Day Out' presentation will be held, where the cheeses will be judged by a panel of judges and the multimedia advertisement will be shown.
We wish Year 9 Food Technology students the best of luck in Sydney at the ‘Big Day Out' launch.