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Last updated 11:38 AM on 5 August 2015
Erupting volcanoes, environmentally friendly birdbaths, projects on pollution and interactive web pages, this years Year 7 Personal Interest Projects (PIPs) were fantastic.  Students in Year 7 were encouraged to select an area of study that interests them, formulate an action plan and work towards it ,  producing a finished product for display.  The project develops a wide range of skills including: research, higher order thinking, independent learning, communication and time management skills.
pip year 7
The quality of work and variety of topics chosen this year were very impressive.  Students created displays and actual examples of a surfing hand planes, bounce shoes, soccer goals, a zombie bride, a funky students organisation board  and Adlof Hitler, just to mention a few.  
The PIPs were on display in the Library  during Week 3 of term and students from Year 7 were asked to vote for the PIP they found most interesting or impressive.  
Students who received over 10 votes included: 
  • Tajh Amone (surfing hand plane)
  • Jack Mangoulias (mini movie and storyboard)
  • Jade Turk (handmade remote control car)
  • Corey Herdegen (Bounce shoes)
  • Nicole Blasevska (History of Music display)
  • Summa Burk (DVD birdbath) and
  • Aleiya Jolliffe (Zombie Bride) 
However, deserving of special congratulations are Ethan Waite (Soccer goals), Lorena Ramires (Chocolate cookies) and Latai Kinikini (Ukulele) who earned the most votes from their peers.
View the gallery below for more images. 
Download a copy of the pdf here (pdf 589 KB).